Things You Can Put In A Microwave That Will Make It Smell Great

15 July 2016
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No matter how delicious it tastes, certain meals are going to smell horrible in the microwave. And depending on what you cooked in the microwave, it will likely continue to smell unless you take steps to freshen up your microwave and remove the odors. 

Clean The Microwave Thoroughly

If the interior of your microwave has not been cleaned out thoroughly, do so with a rag and a household cleaning product. Removing food debris that has splattered on the inside of the microwave may be all it takes to remove the terrible odor. Food debris contributes to the smell and also absorbs odors from other foods.

Microwave A Bowl Of White Vinegar And Water

White vinegar is a wonder cleaner that can remove smells and thoroughly clean all sorts of things, including microwaves. To clean a microwave with vinegar, mix four teaspoons in with a bowl of water. Then, place the water in the microwave. Microwave for six minutes to allow the water and vinegar to evaporate to coat the inside of the microwave and clean it. Alternatively, you could simply let the bowl sit in the microwave and the water will evaporate and clean the microwave automatically.

Use A Sponge, Vinegar And Baking Soda

Depending on how bad the odor is, vinegar might not be enough. Placing vinegar on a sponge, placing baking soda on the sponge and microwaving the sponge in the microwave will prepare the sponge to wipe down the inside, and more effectively eliminate the odor. 

Microwave Water And Lemons

Lemons are commonly used in cleaning products because there is something about the smell that can freshen up an area. Cut a lemon, leave it in a bowl of water and microwave the bowl of water to create an scent that will help cover up the strong odor.

Place Charcoal In The Microwave

For the worst odors, wrap charcoal in newspaper and leave this in the microwave. Close the door and leave the microwave alone for several days. Over time, the charcoal will lift the odors out of the microwave. Do not microwave the newspaper and charcoal.

If your microwave is old and smells, it may be time to get a new one. Old microwaves are not as efficient, do not come with as many features and are more likely to fail when you need them the most. Instead, it is better to purchase a brand new home appliance. Contact a company like Ray's Appliances for more information.