Steps to Confirm Your Air Conditioning Ducts Need to Be Cleaned

18 August 2015
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The air conditioning system inside your home uses ducts to distribute the cooled or heated air needed to make the temperature inside your home more comfortable. However, if the ducts become dirty, the quality of the air can suffer. In addition, clogged ducts can lower the efficiency of your heating and air system, resulting in higher utility bills and less comfort inside your home. A deep duct cleaning can only be performed by a professional. Proper tools, such as a high-power vacuum, lengthy hoses, and rotating brushes, are needed. Use these steps to check for indications that your ductwork needs a thorough cleaning.

Remove the Vent Grille

Remove the air vent grille from a output vent to inspect a duct register. You will need to inspect each accessible output vent in your home. 

Uptake vents can also be inspected. However, since they are covered by a filter, and it is difficult to see deep inside a duct, what you find in an uptake vent may not be representative of the overall ductwork in your home.

Inspect with a Flashlight

Since there is little light inside the ducts, use a flashlight to make it easier to see debris. If you notice large amounts of dead insects, droppings from rodents or insects, or any signs of mold, your ducts need a thorough cleaning, and you need to contact a professional HVAC service.

Dead insects or droppings can indicate that your home is infested with pests, some of which may be living inside the ducts of your home. Pests, such as German cockroaches or rodents, can carry disease. In addition, black mold, which tends to grow in areas that are damp and dark, could invade your ductwork. This mold, which is characterized by slimy gray or black spots and patches, is associated with allergic reactions, such as coughing, breathing issues, and chronic headaches.

These contaminants can be distributed throughout your home by your HVAC system if they are not promptly and thoroughly removed by a professional.

Use the Rag Test

If you don't notice large amounts of debris when you inspect with the flashlight, take a damp cloth and wipe inside the duct as far as your arm can reach. Take a look at the rag. Is covered in dirt? If the rag is filthy, contact a professional.

If your suspect that contaminants are entering your home through the ducts of your heating and air system, have the ducts cleaned. A professional heating and air conditioning service provider like Economy Air Systems Inc has the proper equipment and training to thoroughly clean your ductwork.