How To Troubleshoot A Malfunctioning Dryer

11 March 2015
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If your clothes dryer is acting up, you may be feeling mystified. A clothes dryer isn't like many other appliances; it's not always clear how to fix it. Apart from there being many moving parts, a dryer doesn't always show why it isn't working -- you'll just know that your clothes aren't dry.

Clothes Are Wet: Filter May Be Full or Dryer May Not Be Venting

If the clothes are wet when the dryer has run, it could be a few things. The dryer could not be heating up the air but it could also not be properly venting. When the dryer needs to push air out in order to take moisture away. Look behind the dryer to check the vent. If the vent has come loose, you should attach it both to the wall and the machine and attempt to run it again. If the vent is not loose, then it may be that your lint filter is simply full. Pull your filter out and clean it -- a full filter will prevent airflow as well.

Clothes Aren't Spinning: Drum May Be Stuck

Clothes do need to tumble to properly dry. If the drum is not moving, you'll be able to tell quite easily; start up your dryer and then open it directly after. If the clothes are not moving, the drum may be stuck. Try to manually move the drum in a full circle. If it does not move, there may be something stuck in the drum that needs to be removed. If the drum does move, it's likely that the motor is broken; you'll have to have someone order it.

Clothes Are Cold: The Heating Isn't Working

If your clothes are cold following a cycle in the dryer, then your heating unit is malfunctioning. If you have a new, modern dryer, there may be a problem with the programming of it. Try to turn it off, unplug it and wait a minute. Plug it in again and turn it back on and try again. If the heater still doesn't work (or if you have an older dryer), it's more likely that a part needs to be replaced within. Find the model number of your dryer and call your local home appliance company such as Appliance Tech Repair LLC by Frank Lecato

A home appliance repair company may need to order some parts to repair your dryer. A dryer is actually a fairly simple appliance, but if any of the parts of the appliance are broken they will need to be replaced. In particular, the motor is often the cause of many problems.