How To Improve The Performance Of Your Washing Machine

19 February 2015
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Are you noticing that your clothes still aren't clean after running them through a wash cycle? If so, then this could mean that there are issues with your washing machine. Replacing your washing machine can be very expensive and often times unnecessary, especially if you can resolve your washing machines performance issues with simple and easy-to-do at-home tune ups. So, before you consider replacing your washing machine, consider minor repair and tune up services like:

Cleaning Your Drum:

Your drum is the compartment in your washer that stores your clothes. Because your clothes are in contact with your drum the entire time your clothes are being washed, the cleanliness of your washing drum can impact the quality of the clean. Cleaning your drum is best, as your drum can store bacteria and odors. For a natural cleaning solution, you may want to consider pouring baking soda and white vinegar into your drum and scrub this mixture around with a brush. Once completed, run a cycle with hot water without storing any clothes inside of your machine. This will help kill bacteria and remove any lingering odors trapped in your washing machine.

Washing Your Soap Dispenser:

Are you still noticing stains and bad odor from your clothes after running them through a wash cycle? If so, then it may be due to the lack of soap that is entering into your machine. It can be common, especially if you use powder soap that your soap dispenser can clump up and prevent soap from entering the washing machine when the wash cycle is on. You will be able to remove your soap dispenser and clean it off, which will help allow future soap to pass through the dispenser and into your washing machine.

Checking the Hose Connections:

The water pressure in your washing machine is important to keep an eye on. If your water hose is loose, then you can see poor cleaning results from your washing machine. Behind your washer, located at the bottom is a hose which is the source of your washing machine's water. If this hose is loose, you will be able to use a clamp to help attach it back into your washing machine. A secured connection between your water hose and washing machine is critical, as this can boost the water pressure and help your machine run more efficiently.

With these tune up services, you will likely see a performance increase from your washing machine. Not only will these services allow your machine to run more efficiently, but they will also keep your clothes in better condition, as your washer will be more effective, which will prevent you from having to use more than one wash cycle to have your clothes fully washed. If you're having more serious problems with your washer, though, contact an appliance repair company near you.